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Software Testing Foundations. A study guide for the Certified Tester Exam
dpunkt.verlag, Heidelberg

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Software Inspection
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Managing the Testing Process
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Software Testing – A Craftsman‘s Approach
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Normes et Standards

BS 7925-2:1998. Software Component Testing.
DO-178B:1992. Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment.
Certification, Requirements and Technical Concepts for Aviation (RTCA SC167).
IEEE 610.12:1990. Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology.
IEEE 829:1998. Standard for Software Test Documentation.
IEEE 1008:1993. Standard for Software Unit Testing.
IEEE 1012:1986. Standard for Verification and Validation Plans
IEEE 1028:1997. Standard for Software Reviews and Audits.
IEEE 1044:1993. Standard Classification for Software Anomalies.
IEEE 1219:1998. Software Maintenance.
ISO/IEC 2382-1:1993. Data processing - Vocabulary - Part 1: Fundamental terms.
ISO 9000:2000. Quality Management Systems – Fundamentals and Vocabulary.
ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001. Software Engineering – Software Product Quality – Part 1:
Quality characteristis and sub-characteristics.
ISO/IEC 12207:1995. Information Technology – Software Life Cycle Processes.
ISO/IEC 14598-1:1996. Information Technology – Software Product Evaluation - Part 1: General Overview.

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